Great Lakes Telecom


One of the most valuable services we provide is to "interconnect" with AT&T and/or other Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) you desire, becoming your liaison with them. Because of our knowledge of telecommunications, we have found that they are particularly responsive to us. We have been able to negotiate better rates and service for our customers than they would have been able to negotiate on their own.

We will:

  • coordinate your company's needs and requests.
  • resolve any billing or service problems as they arise.

Remote Maintenance and Warranty

Changes in system programming, diagnostics, and even software downloads can be done from our office. This can reduce or even eliminate costly service calls.

Depending on the system purchased, we also guarantee free on-site maintenance for either one or two years from the date of installation. This warranty covers all parts and labor that are needed to correct system defects caused by normal usage, defective parts, or faults in workmanship.

We provide continuing maintenance options for your system after the original warranty period has expired.

Our Service and Response Time Guarantee

  • Response and assistance within a maximum of four hours for major problems
  • Response and assistance within a maximum of twenty-four hours for minor problems


We will provide on-site training prior to system cut-over as well as immediately after. This ensures a smooth transition between the old and the new system.

In addition to the systems administrator, all users will receive their own set of documentation for their particular phone. If any additional training should be needed at any time, it will be provided at no extra charge.

Services & Support

success story

“ We have been greatly satisfied with the performance of GLT. ”

"We have been greatly satisfied with the performance of Great Lakes Telecom, including your responsiveness, knowledge of equipment, competitive pricing and reliability. It's great to be able to use one company for both our phone and computer system wiring."     > more

Tim Sharrar, Computer Services Manager
Atwell-Hicks, Inc.