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Mitel is regarded as the gold standard in telephone equipment, and we are a proud dealer of their high-quality products.

One example of their top-notch products is the Mitel SX-200 ICP , a versatile voice communications platform providing small business call control and services on a cutting-edge IP-based ICP architecture. The system offers many great features, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Native IP telephony support, embedded analog and digital support, and SX-200 Digital Bay support enable businesses to take advantage of flexible deployment options and provide investment protection for the future.

Return on Investment

We have customers whose 20 year old Mitels are just as useful as when purchased. This is because since 1978, Mitel has designed their systems to be upgraded at modest cost. The oldest Mitel phones work on the newest switch and vice versa.

The new digital hybrid systems are typically designed with a five to eight year life span; the Mitel is designed to remain viable for twenty years or more.

Great Lakes Telecom is committed to your long-term satisfaction. In addition to our standard one-year warranty, we offer remote maintenance for your Mitel system. Changes in system programming, diagnostics, and even software downloads can be done from our office, reducing costly service calls and allowing us to better serve our customers.

The Future

Mitel has a strong history of delivering communications solutions to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. To be competitive, your business needs to continually improve customer service, increase employee productivity, and reduce the cost of doing business. Mitel systems provide the flexibility to add functionality as your requirements change.

Mitel understands that organizations are challenged with evolving their businesses with an ever-shrinking pool of funds. Mitel designs innovative communications solutions, like the SX-200 ICP and the 3300 ICP products which enhance the delivery of services while keeping costs in check. Mitel has a wide variety of IP Phones that are all SIP enabled.

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“ You helped us cut our phone bills to less than half their previous cost. ”

"You have helped us cut our phone bills to less than half their previous cost for both long distance and 313 calling, implemented cost effective switched in plant after plant, and always reprogram our system at no charge. You earn our business all over again every time we need you."     > more

Jim Heaton, Manager, Information & Telecommunication Dept.
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